It’s Time to Grow

To overcome the challenges agriculture faces, we must innovate and develop new products faster. With the next generation of farming at our doorstep, it’s time for all of us to grow. By combining with Bayer, we will bring together the very best crop protection and seed technology. We will increase the speed of innovation and get tools to farmers faster. It means higher profits for farmers with faster solutions. It means that your products and suppliers will remain your choice. It’s time to grow, and we’ll grow stronger together.

Benefits for Growers

With our combined expertise, we’ll reduce loss to disease and increase yields, putting more money per acre in your pocket. Our innovation will continue to be broadly licensed so farmers can enjoy choice – the products you want from the suppliers you choose.

Accelerating Innovation

Compared to many industries, the budget for agricultural R&D is a drop in the bucket. As we grow, so will the amount we invest. Bayer and Monsanto will combine their individual strengths and invest in cutting-edge, faster innovation. United, we’ll find new solutions, customized per crop, region, and farm. Time and yields are valuable. We’ll work together to save you time and money.

Future of Agriculture

The future of farming is here. Whether that means a drone system, reporting every square meter of your fields, a soil sensor array allowing for continuous condition tracking, or a trait and herbicide developed and distributed in parallel to reduce losses right away, Bayer and Monsanto together will work to bring farmers the tools needed to maximize efficiency and profit.

New and Enhanced Solutions

Together, Bayer and Monsanto will use the latest tech to help farmers track weather and soil conditions so you can make strategic irrigation decisions on the fly. This means a fully digital and connected farm, with a central hub weaving together data from a host of sensors, delivering everything to a farmer’s pocket via advanced apps. And that’s just the beginning.

Environmental Sustainability

We only have one Earth to provide for our needs today and tomorrow. That’s the goal of Monsanto and Bayer coming together… so we can create enhanced technologies to preserve and protect our natural environment while growing what’s needed to feed a growing global population.

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