Seed Patent Protection

The Truth of the Matter

The purpose of this webpage is to provide farmers, the press, and the general public with accurate information about Monsanto’s efforts on protecting patents and agreements relative to seeds. There has been a lot of misinformation on this topic. We are hoping to dispel misconceptions and avoid any new ones. 

Documents and Info Monsanto Provides to Farmers

Growers are expected to stay informed of up-to-date management practices for Monsanto products. The Technology Use Guide provides a concise overview of Monsanto’s current portfolio of technology products and sets forth the requirements and guidelines for use of these products. Growers who wish to purchase and use our patented seed must have a signed and valid Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement.

Monsanto’s primary reason for enforcing its patents is to ensure a level playing field for the vast majority of honest farmers who abide by their agreements, and to discourage using technology illegally to gain an unfair advantage. This document lays out our commitment to farmers when reviewing, evaluating and investigating potential seed patent infringement matters.

Also, view the pdf on "Monsanto's Commitment: Farmers & Patents."